Management on Monday is a simple, straight-forward newsletter to help improve your management and workplace.

I am sent a lot of information about these topics, so I am sharing it with you.

But to make it better: I’m cutting out the wank.

Every edition takes just a few minutes to read, and I jam-pack it with as much evidence as I can.

Management on Monday is a dialogue about our workplaces; because I know that a better workplace starts with better management.

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Past editions:

Issue 10: Talkin’ about us – internal and external relationships

Issue 9: Tyra Banks wants you to work it

Issue 8: Bite-sized progress

Issue 7: We’re all in this together – supporting our mutual perseverance

Issue 6: Cut the crap – finding relevance in workplaces values

Issue 5: Do you really have to tell me this?

Issue 4: Work sucks, let’s make jobs better

Issue 3: Clearer, considered communication

Issue 2: How we choose our teams (and choosing better ones)

Issue 1: Let’s start with better meetings