Periodically, Conrad releases updates on the economy and workplace for public use.

This is designed to be a resource to decision-makers and stimulate conversation.

They are regularly cited by business, political and social leaders. They have been referred to in parliaments, in government submissions and in academic literature. They are used by organisations for analysis and their decision making.

The reports have been profiled by the media across Australia, and globally.


Gender equality in corporate leadership

Gender equality across the Australian labour market

Young men and women at work


Gender Equality at Work 2019

Easy to Classify – Education and experiences of Australian CEOs

2018/19 Labour market: A stark division

Who’s looking for work? Unemployment and Underemployment in Australia, 2019


Gender Equality at Work 2018

The Federal Budget and the labour market: a culminating challenge

Growth and change – Australian jobs in 2018

Casualisation and Underemployment in Australia

Sexual harassment-the limits of legislation


Gender Equality at Work 2017

Great Expectations: Understanding changing employment conditions

Retrenchment Index – Taking a hit, tapping out

Old Gold? Mature workers in the labour market

Men at Work in 2017

More than one: Corporate performance and gender diversity in WA business

Because you’re worth it? Executive remuneration in the 2016/17 financial year