“One of Australia’s leading employment and workplace experts”

Conrad Liveris is a corporate adviser on workplaces and risk.


With an emphasis on original evidence and data, Conrad works exclusively with best-practice models to drive more effective workplaces. He’s worked on projects regarding organisational restructuring, workplace design, remuneration, HR policy and programming and recruitment.

Conrad has revered specialist knowledge on diversity, flexible working and remuneration.

On risk, Conrad considers the impact of external issues and how to position organisations to confront them. He advises on social and political risk and their impact on business standing and opportunities in Australia.

Through his use of hard evidence, Conrad’s advisory services bring a unique analytical insight to the table.

His work is widely cited across Australia, Asian and US media – including The Australian, ABC, Buzzfeed, Sydney Morning Herald, The Straits Times, Xinhua, South China Morning Post and wrote a fortnightly column on gender in the 2016 US presidential campaign for The Hill.

Active in the community, Conrad holds a series of non-profit and government chair and directorships in the arts, health and community services. He founded a homelessness charity with national reach.

He is alum of the US State Department, an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society (London), worked prominently on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and his contributions have been recognised widely including by the Prime Minister of Australia and in the parliaments of Australia and Western Australia.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Certificate in Governance And Risk Management and a Master of Commerce, and was provided a scholarship for leadership education delivered at the University of California, Los Angeles.